Do you know what DNS means? Do you even think you need, or want to know? Of course not. Let us take care of all that techno-babble, we can provide hosting for your website and email with friendly support available at the end of a personally answered telephone.

Knowledge base for hosting clients

You will have come to us through word of mouth, possibly as a result of a bad experience with companies that just don’t care. We do, every bit as much as you do. We’ll set up your domain, emails and web hosting. Even talk you through setting up your own computer if you need this. And at prices difficult to beat, even without such fine support.

Hosting and Domain Services

We host most of the websites we design and build. This means there is clear responsibility when things go wrong. We have a user base for our hosting that is very local, possibly a surprise in the world of the internet, the ‘world wide’ web and global business. We find that this model delivers what you need. No need to call someone in a call centre possibly thousands of miles away, no need to interact with a company that gives you the impression it doesn’t care. And the cost of this service is competitive with any big provider.

We have a cottage industry attitude to bandwidth and webspace, we won’t restrict any reasonable use. If we think you are using too much of our resources we will examine solutions either to provide you with the space and bandwidth you need or suggest strategies to minimise your overheads.

All hosting packages come with unlimited POP3 email addresses, a starter of 80mB of webspace and unlimited parked domains and subdomains.

IMAP hosting, unlimited web hosting

In this world of multiple devices, you want to see all your mail all the time on all your devices. This involves a service much like that provided by Gmail or Hotmail where your mail is no longer kept on your computer but in the Cloud. Gmail and Hotmail offer these services ‘free’ because they have such vast computer resources, the downside being your email is or When for a professional appearance you want your you need a service called IMAP mail hosting. This is resource and space hungry. We now offer this for an extra £60 a year. One of the benefits of this add-on is that you also have access to unlimited webspace as well. And of course, our unrivalled single-point-of-contact friendly and unflappable support.

All IMAP packages come with unlimited IMAP email addresses, unlimited webspace and unlimited parked domains and subdomains.

WordPress Management

Our hosting service is, of course, backed by our unrivalled support and for a lot of our clients their websites change very little but some people need more security and more support. For them we offer a full management service, details of which can be found here.

Your website goes down, your email doesn’t work, you need to change your prices in a hurry. Call us. For some we can set up a monthly maintenance plan, including all your backup needs, google data gathering and analysis. We build blogs and websites where you manage the content and we take care of the back end.