Design and technology since the early 1980s, phew, that man can make those machines hum. Websites since the last century – hey there’s got to be some advantage to turning over that fourth digit even if it’s only a catchy tagline.

Whatever you want to do, whether a classic look for a book or brochure or an up to date website with the latest widgets and social networking hooks, maybe it’s hosting for your website and emails with personal and friendly support included, could be you have a blog and you want it to reflect your style or maybe you just want someone to teach you how to manage your small business google accounts.

Friendly and efficient support

Along with a host of other skills and offerings you’ll find by browsing this website, I offer a high-end professional service at low prices that only I can offer because of the unique way I do business. This site gets a makeover every so often, it’s not really up to date, I save that for my clients. My business is 100% word of mouth. If you’re reading this, chances are someone recommended you did. And there, dear reader, is the nub. If you want to know what I can do, ask my customers. If by any chance you don’t know one, then get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide references and recommendations.