Website design and production, based in Bath and Bristol

When we talk about ‘designing a website’ we are encapsulating a workflow of several stages, we can guide you through some or all of these stages, from initial concepts and analysis to production, launch and management. At each stage our accuracy and ability is unrivalled. Some simple websites need very little in the way of back end framework and can cost as little as £150 whereas our high end offerings are reassuringly expensive and can include any up-to-date technology.

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Web design to the standard you’d expect from a large agency at local prices. Unrivalled customer experience and fast response. The web is a fast moving place, styles come and go, user expectation and speeds are ever increasing, our designer’s eye of current design trends will make sure your website looks contemporary and professional.

Content management systems and blogs

A lot of our clients find it more cost effective for us to manage the websites once published. For a reasonable fee billed monthly we can promise rapid responses to the changes you need. Often this is more cost effective than a full content management system (CMS).

If you want to manage your website yourself, whether it is a simple WordPress blog or a full blown CMS based on the MODx framework we can put you in control.

An aside: You will see that a lot of the sites listed on this site are built in WordPress or another content management system. WordPress, indeed any CMS, was absolutely the Thing To Have for a long time. What could be more attractive than having control of your own site and not having to wait on the busy schedules of your web developer? It is becoming apparent that a. small business owners are just as pressured for time as any web manager and b. when your website is professionally managed there’s a lot of unsung work that goes into making sure images are exactly right and that type styles follow your corporate guidelines. So CMS, WordPress, doesn’t mean  “here you go, don’t break it”, we often remain involved even after the website launch.

All sites include three months free support

WordPress training, Blog training, CMS training

So, you’ve got a brand-new website, the applause recedes, the developer’s showed you how to log in. It’s all yours. What now?

Two hours face to face with us followed with one hour follow up sessions on Skype to whatever level you require will get you up to speed on managing your website and blog.

This will take all the stress out of managing your website, getting the best out of your Admin interface.

All businesses, no matter how small, have a sense of identity and the management of your online marketing materials must conform to your corporate guidelines. Good CMS or WordPress training can show you the fundamentals of design and layout for marketing.

We teach you to drive the interface so you can concentrate on making your journey

If you have the basics in place then you will enjoy this form of communication, not look at it as a chore. The worst thing that can happen to your new website is that it becomes a cobweb site, latest news a year old and out-of-date information.

Service Agreement

If you enjoy the cosy feeling of our unrivalled support during this initial period, we can extend this as a benefit of our WordPress maintenance contract. Not only is your website kept up to data, backedup and secure, you also have access to our support, most of the time, we’ll even dive in a sort things outs for you.  More information here.

Coding and web development

We build and code websites to industry standards using the latest technology and techniques. Accessibility at the forefront. Interactivity using jQuery frameworks to provide Web 2.0 functionality.

Modx, Filemaker and WordPress developer

MODx development, Filemaker (developer and programmer) or mySQL/php backends. CSS coding of Adobe Photoshop designs. MODx CMS or wordPress integrated into static sites, with themes designed to match existing websites.

Google solutions, Adwords and general search engine optimisation (SEO)

If Google is important to your business—and isn’t it always?—talk to us, we are fully skilled to give you the best possible exposure in the natural listings or instigate and manage adwords campaigns where these are more appropriate. This might be part of a full package or your existing website that simply needs its position improved.

Read more about our SEO Services

CSS and PHP template Hacking

A service that is becoming called for more frequently. Your company has made a major investments in your website. The investment for you is in the content; the copy, the images, possibly in the functionality, a shop, a blog, a contact and tracking structure. You don’t want to have to make this investment time upon time to keep up with fast moving web fashions. We can take your existing website layout and content and re-skin it for this year’s look, this year’s screen sizes and typography. You never know, the cost might just blow your expectations for a new website design budget out of the water. Especially if your website is already built in a current CMS technology. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. We can build and modify themes. We call it hacking but you get so much more.


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