Technical Support

Fanatical, friendly and accessible technical support pitched at a level that matches your understanding and knowledge… and purse. Support for your IT and email, we also support MacOS and have a presence in the Windows world.

You will have come to us through word of mouth, possible as a result of a bad experience with companies that just don’t care. We do, passionately. We’ll set up your domain, emails and web hosting. Even talk you through setting up your own computer if you need this. And at prices difficult to beat. All our hosting packages include this level of support.

Knowledge base for hosting clients

Google G-Suite and the cloud

The next stage in business information management (big words, vital concept) is to keep all your vital information on the net, where you can control who has access to what, when they need it, wherever they are.

Formerly Google Apps for Business, G-Suite brings Google’s cloud functionality to your business. It is common for businesses to use Gmail with their domain name, the ‘side’ advantages come with that are Google Drive for each user, Google Calendar and Google Docs, all with proper technical support.

You pay per user, currently £3 per month, £36 per year. You don’t need a user for company wide accounts like or

Managing your email, company wide

Keeping track of your email correspondence, contacts, customers, suppliers, sales, leads and all the other pieces of information. If you’re a solo trader then you’ll have most of this in one place and the index in your head. As you work in wider networks of people, the availability and integrity of shared information becomes more difficult to manage. As people join and leave your teams, the information they gathered needs to be integrated into the other members of your company.

We will prepare a company for migration to the cloud, using a combination of Gmail, Google G-Suite and software you will already have, we can set up information and communication structures for you without large costs or expensive subscriptions. Google for Business is free up to 10 users, we can set this up for you very easily.

Charities, the arts and educational tourism

We have experience of working in charitable sectors, the arts and educational tourism. Areas where the organisation can grow quicker than your information. We can provide solutions to this at prices you will find realistic, far less than you might imagine when talking to corporate providers.

Technical support

We can solve your problems over the telephone or with a visit. We don’t charge callout charges or emergency charges. We will charge you at our hourly rate for travelling to you.

“you’ve removed a world of pain in just five minutes”

Knowledge Base

The answers to almost none of your questions…
…but we’re working on it.

SkypeYou can call me to talk over your requirements or get support if you have Skype installed on your computer. Through Skype I can see your screen and solve many problems without the need for a callout.

If you don’t currently have skype, ring or email, you could be using this wonderful tool 5 minutes from now.

support number

07770 271404