WordPress management

More and more of the websites we build are based on content management (CMS) frameworks to give you, the owner of the website, total control. Of these frameworks, the one we specify most often is WordPress. This is because its code is mature, its administration is elegant, intuitive and easy to understand, it is very secure and its underlying technology and programming base means we can add the functionality you need, easily and quickly. These features combined make it a very cost effective platform. WordPress is now the framework behind around 30% of the world’s websites.

However – could you hear that coming? – the result is that we, professional developers and designers, let you, who are almost certainly neither of these, have total control over your website and its management. This can be a cold and lonely place. Our new service offers to give you the support you need in that area. A halfway house between a website where you have to ring up the developer for every small change and a website where, if you break it, no-one can hear you scream.

So… here’s the deal.

For £40 per month, we’ll backup your database, the record of your textual content, any pages or posts you may have added, once a week. We will backup everything, your media, any changes to your website structure, once a month. Once a month and at major WordPress updates, we’ll keep your WordPress and any plugins updated. We’ll cast a glance for any problems and report back to you if anything needs attention.

Once a month we;

  • update the WordPress install and any plugins,
  • check the error logs (if there are any)
  • backup all file uploads; images, pdfs etc.,
  • backup the database (weekly is automatic, the monthly is double checking).

Security checks;

  • check Users for any abuse,
  • change passwords regularly,
  • check the site for any sign of attack,

and last but by no means least;

  • check the site is functioning properly and report any problems or oddities.

In addition to this, we’ll provide phone support for your use of WordPress and even make small changes*

Peace of mind

*it’s a fair use policy, this is supposed to reflect one hour a month, if we think changes or artwork will take longer then we charge you as normal, giving you an estimate of costs before we start. For full details have a look at a Sample SLA.

There are three main things you will need to go with your WordPress site;

  • Training
  • Backup
  • Maintenance


While we are building your asite we will be throwing lots of information your way, image sizes, uploads, typography, menu structures.

Once the dust has settled, you have written a few pages, you know your way around your website we suggest two sessions of two hours each to properly train you on the administration and format of your site. The first is in the basics, the difference between pages and posts, how to add material, how to format images, image sizes, how to add and change menus. The second is more focussed on your specific needs and a place to ask all those ‘how-to’ questions.


You should be doing this yourself. The important difference? We’ll remember.

A CMS, unlike a static site, is in a constant state of change. As you add material, live, to the site, the only place that material resides in on your website itself. With a static site, the latest iteration is effectively a backup. With a WordPress site this backup has to be performed manually. There are three key elements to your site; the content of posts and pages, any images or documents you upload and lastly, the theme. The theme is usually static, is backed up when the site is built or amended by the developer. The other two change as you make changes to the site.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS frameworks in the world. With that popularity comes a price. It is a popular target for hackers.

There are regular updates of the WordPress core and any plugins you might have to address vulnerabilities as they become apparent. Take the guesswork out of this. Get us to keep your WordPress installation up to date and safe. If you read the sample Service Agreement you will see that it can also include adding content, making sure it fits with your site look and feel, keeping the typography tight and rigorous, making images conform to size guidelines. It’s intended to provide you, ongoing, with an hour’s work. It can take all the worry out of keeping your site professional and working as your customers expect.

We realise that some of our clients’ site change daily or weekly, others change rarely and occasionally. Therefore we agree with you a period for this backup. For some it will only need doing twice a year, for other monthly or even weekly. It’s a balance between the cost of keeping it up to date and the cost of repair if it goes wrong.

Managed Hosting Charges

  • WordPress business hosting: £80 per year
  • Management: £40 per period*
  • a sample Service Agreement
  • Management includes: Dropbox backup for images and media, regular updates to the latest version of WordPress and all plugins, install security plugins to prevent brute force hacking and take weekly database backups, advice and support for all matters relating to your use of WordPress, minor changes to appearance and content.

*The period is up to you. It depends how often you make changes. We recommend monthly for most sites, at a minimum to keep up to date with WordPress upgrades one every six months.